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KOSER is a high-energy 5-piece rock/blues/funk band from Philadelphia. The supergroup meshes the powerful contralto vocals of Kara Koser with a heap of instruments– guitars, bass, saxophone, keyboard, synth, percussion, drums, and more, every show. KOSER pairs well with the soul of Lawrence, Amy Winehouse, and the grit of Nirvana, Paramore.

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The Indy Review

"...the band comes with a unique sound that spits on classification."

25 O'Clock Podcast

Episode 305:


Kara Koser

ABC27 Welcomes:


with original song "MiNT"

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  • Fox 29

  • Good Day PA

  • KYW News Radio

  • NBC10

  • Q102

  • Various Podcasts

  • I105

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  • The Birchmere (VA)

  • Dinah Shore Festival (CA)

  • Rockwell Music Hall (NY)

  • Electric City Music Festival (PA)

  • Valley Forge Casino (PA)

  • Philadelphia Flower Show (PA)

  • Main Stage Event Center (PA)

  • & more

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Kara Koser has been writing songs since she was nine years old and has always dreamt of following in the footsteps of strong female-led sensations: such as Paramore, No Doubt, Fleetwood Mac. Early on she identified challenges with mental health, including debilitating bouts of performance anxiety and substance use disorder. Even though this made pursuing music extremely difficult, Koser would still sing, write, and compete. In 2018, Koser openly found sobriety, which unironically led her to a 3-month-long singing contest; the most difficult of its kind and the first time she’d take the stage sober. A surprised, exhausted, and grateful Koser finished with first place. This ignited and supported inextinguishable fire to pursue a singing career long-term.


In 2020, Koser’s plans to move fell through. The only spot in the city on such short notice was in Manayunk– which Koser wasn’t initially thrilled about. However, her new abode happened to be down the street from The Grape Room, one of the town’s most vibrant open jam clubs. Koser would go alone every Wednesday to work on her own improvisation skills. It was there that the soon-to-be 5 piece pop/rock/funk formation found each other. The musical chemistry was immediately apparent! They spent a short 2 months working, writing, and playing together and unanimously decided (well, besides Kara) to name the new crew after the lead singer. Month 3 of being together saw a win for a national contest to perform at a 15,000 person festival catering to women and queer folk. The band played cross-country for a week, which solidified that they not only had the potential to be a great band, but be amazing friends as well. 


KOSER is recommended if you like the soul of Amy Winehouse, the experimental pop of Lady Gaga, and the indie rockability of Metric. Whether you’re in the mood for dancing with strangers or crying in the car alone, KOSER’s got a tune for you. Mike Trischetta is the band’s resident shredder, who toured with All That Remains right before lockdown began. Chet Williams, who mainly plays saxophone, can easily pick up any of the other instrumentation KOSER provides and blow the roof off. KOSER’s drummer, Collin Montgomery, played professional ice hockey before trading skates for sticks. Justin Niemiec is another virtuoso who KOSER aptly named the band’s Musical Director. With an arsenal of genre melting songs and an enormous amount of drive, KOSER is closing 2023 with big plans that they’re excited to share with the masses.


"KOSER is the up-and-coming secret weapon live events dream of" - The Inquirer.

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